Integrated, uniform, relevant, and up-to-date information is vital for the very existence of an enterprise. It gives the power to the right person to make decisions at the right time.
TRAVELITE is such a Travel Management System, which brings together people who work on shared tasks within the same enterprise or in their dealings with suppliers and customers. Enterprises have to ensure a smoother flow of information at all levels and between all parts of their organization; to access up-to-date information. Workflow integrates business processes.
Features & Highlights :
  •   Company Setup
  •   Vehicle Owner Master
  •   Vehicle Master
  •   Customer Master
  •   Driver Detail
  •   Fuel Charge Setup
  •   Tax Master
  •   Supplier Master
  •   User Master
  •   Duty Slip Entry
  •   Customer Bill
  •   Owner Bill
  •   Supplied Item Entry
Statutory Reports:
   Transit Pass/Loading Register
  •        Daily Travel Register
  •        Vehicle On Duty Not Reported
  •       Vehicle Total Running
  •            Vehicle Wise
  •             Customer Wise
   Vehicle Owner Register
   Vehicle Due Statement
   Vehicle Wise Ledger
   Vehicle Wise Profit/Loss Statement
   Item Supplier Register
  •        Item Wise
  •        Supplier Wise
   Pending Bill Statement
   Customer Bill Register
   Customer Due Statement
   Customer Bill Printing
   Customer Wise Tax Register
   Owner Bill Register
   Owner Due Statement
   Owner Bill Printing


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