Smart Card Software Solutions
Smart cards bring security, convenience and ease-of-use to millions of people worldwide. Smart cards find their place in a wide and growing range of applications from mobile telephony to CRM, loyalty, and to the development of next generation applications and services. With broad industry acceptance witnessed by increasing demand, businesses and service providers are constantly on the look for innovative smart card based solutions. Smart cards are proving to be of great value in applications like Electronic cash, Security, Access control, Transportation and RFID / IC Tags.
Smart Card software in India
India has established credibility globally for its excellent resources and skills at very competitive prices. Information technology companies in India understand the industry need for diverse applications and offer a wide range of smart card based IT services and solutions.
Smart card software solutions
  •   Security solutions for electronic banking platform using 3DES and PKI cryptography, ensuring secured financial transactions
  •   Campus card solutions used to store and manage identification, access control, attendance monitoring, marks card and e-cash based payment information
  •   Security solutions using smart card as a copy protection device for software
  •   Solutions for distributors and retailers of consumer goods
  •   Solutions for vehicle dealers to keep track of all services and repairs done for a vehicle, along with loyalty points accrued s
Smart Card Software Development
LUCID offer Smart Card software development in designing, developing and testing of solutions using Smart Cards and systems that meet specific customer requirements on diverse hardware and software platforms. Some areas of expertise include
  •   Chip operating systems
  •   Loyalty applications
  •   Security and access control
  •   Campus card solutions
  •   Transportation applications
  •   Fleet management
  •   RFID / IC Tags
LUCID enable Corporations to reduce time-to-market and provide higher level services. They overcome challenges by delivering strategic services and successfully implementing Smart Card software solutions.
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