Who We Are
We embarked on our journey in 2001. To start with, we did not have a planned roadmap. Our destination was not defined. However, our steadfast belief was that a journey based on exploring new areas would surely lead us to success. The establishment of LUCID Infotech has made us realize that we were right in our conviction.
We structure our businesses around the needs of our customers and provide only those central services, which are essential to their growth, the protection of their corporate assets, or provide significant advantages in terms of quality and cost. Performance is judged on the extent to which it promotes the overall good of the corporation over the separate interests of individual business units and functions.
To produce high quality, reliable and adaptable IT solutions and services satisfying our customers with values.
We dream… to earn an eternal customer.
We strive…. to serve and satisfy our customer by enhancing the value of offered services and software thereby increasing benefits for all concerned.
We succeed… by ascertaining that we exceed your expectations.
Our strengths lie in the quality of our work and our people. We provide an environment that encourages imagination and innovation among team members.
For us providing service is more than a business policy. We believe that it is the seed of a secure and bright future. Since relationship building is important to us, we seek to provide customer satisfaction in terms of quality and cost effectiveness of our products and services.
What We Do
Jit Consulting works in partnership with clients to develop business strategies and technologies tailored to their unique requirements.
In today’s fast paced global economy, companies’ business issues are ever changing, requiring adaptability in order to stay competitive and maintain profitability. Businesses must share information quickly not only within their own organization but also externally up and down the supply chain. Many businesses have a maze of information silos that don’t communicate with each other. And the complexity and cost of maintaining information is ever increasing.
Jit Consulting Technology Services bring the power of world-class information technology and delivery to industry-leading organizations worldwide. Our end-to-end solutions are designed to help you define and implement your organization's technology strategy, quickly and predictably with minimal risk and business disruptions. These include assessing, designing, building, integrating and implementing solutions to address today’s critical issues with technology flexible enough to accommodate tomorrow’s needs - whatever they may be. Right shore is the key to our approach for solution definition. This approach enables our clients to better manage their IT budgets, accelerate execution, and make today’s investments sustainable overtime.
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