Biometric Software Solution
LUCID Infotech is one of the leading biometrics software developers in India. The Biometric System is such that we can develop the biometrics application for security industries. As per the needs of our customers, we provide cost effective biometric solution through the biometrics computer security software.

Biometrics technology authenticates the individual identity by using the uniqueness of a person’s biological and behavioral characteristics like fingerprint reader, pattern of blood vessels in the eyes, voice or the shape of a face. This uniqueness is used by biometrics application to identify a person. Fingerprint security is the most popularly used in the Biometrics Identification process. Biometric devices act as fingerprint reader or as a fingerprint scanner. It then converts the fingerprint image into the data by image processing and further matches the data with fingerprint identification kept in the database for authentication.

Biometric Smart Card Reader is also one of the ways of Biometrics Software Solution to know the identity of a person.

Biometric Software Solution is better and more reliable compared to the other authentication methods like barcodes, PIN codes or token ID. The user using such software requires hardly a second and the security of important information is also well maintained. Hence, this biometric system is not time-consuming, user friendly and highly protected. Biometric software does not require any password and hence it is very safe at the same time a means of high security too.

In order to develop biometric system service for door lock system or for biometric smart card reader or for biometric fingerprint reader or for any type of security solution, we have experts who are highly skilled and experienced in this technology. Biometric devices are used for biometric software solutions with the expertise of our experts checking and re-checking till the final product being the best in the market. We also provide the most innovative and outstanding biometric software development solutions for corporate organizations across the system.

This is all been possible with the enormous support of M/S Jit Consulting, the pioneer in dealing with the Biometric products like Bio Access (V2, V3, I30 and NAC 2500) and Smart Card products (RFID, Proximity Cards) which is the sister company ofLUCID Infotech.

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